Foretold Fixion on the Millennials Suck! Podcast

We stopped by the old studio in Ohio to record an episode before we head out to capture chapter 3, when a good friend of ours decided to pay us a surprise visit... (Behind the scenes footage available here: https://youtu.be/LPFdy-MI1Jc )

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Show notes

What's up everybody! We wanted to sit down, introduce ourselves and give you a little insight into the madness behind Foretold Fixion! We appreciate you checking us out and hope you'll stick around with us for a good, long time!

Find the video version of this episode at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7kSgB_6DxM4n_uT6vOR5pg

Also, we need an animator! If you or anyone you know is interested in animation and into the show, reach out to us anytime at foretoldfixion@gmail.com

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"Hysterical and mythical - a winning combo! Foretold Fixion has me laughing out loud and learning something new with each episode. A true gem of a podcast!"
Betty Lacey
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"As a folklore fan with a funny bone, I couldn't be happier with this podcast. Jason's wit and enthusiasm for mythology have me hooked. Don't miss it!"
Adam Driver
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"If you're actually reading these reviews, please leave us one in our DM's at one of our social media pages. We would love some more!
Jason Fix
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"This podcast is a riot! Jason artfully combines humor and mythology, making it my go-to source for laughs and lore. Highly recommended!"
Jessica Knowl
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"Who knew mythical creatures could be so hilarious? From side-splitting urban legends to rib-tickling myths, Foretold Fixion is the ideal podcast for a lighthearted listen."
Scott Adams
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"Foretold Fixion is the perfect blend of mythical hilarity and engaging storytelling. I can't help but share these uproarious tales with everyone I know. Keep the laughs coming, Jason!"
Steven Blast