About The Enchanting Quipsters

Meet your host & Lead Voice Actor

Jason fix

Meet your host, Jason: Avid storyteller, mythology enthusiast, and captivating voice behind Foretold Fixion, where the line between ancient legends and the present blurs. With a genuine love for the fantastical, Jason brings these legends to life, weaving tales that both educate and entertain. Join Jason as he unravels the mysteries of mythical creatures, diving deep into folklore and fiction to ignite your imagination and feed your curiosity, leaving you spellbound and eager for the next adventure.

Meet your Co-Host & Sound Engineer

Dillon Foreman

Meet your co-host, Dillon Foreman: Witty wordsmith, folklore fanatic, and the side-splitting counterpart to Jason in Foretold Fixion, where mythological hilarity knows no bounds. Dillon's flair for the comical and the extraordinary amplifies every story, creating a blend of entertainment and education that keeps you laughing. Join Dillon as he delves into the eccentricities of mythical creatures, navigating the realms of folklore and fiction to tickle your funny bone and quench your curiosity, leaving you in stitches and yearning for the next legendary laugh fest.

More About Jason: The Mastermind of Voices Behind the Magic of 'Foretold Fixion'

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, our lead voice actor lived a unique childhood. As an only child, he spent much of his time breathing life into his toys, each with its own unique voice and personality. This creativity didn't cease as he grew older. His time in the US Army stationed in Afghanistan and later stints in railroad and trucking industries served as platforms for his extraordinary talent. His knack for creating vibrant characters, each with a distinct voice, never failed to entertain his buddies and colleagues. A passion was brewing, one that would soon transform his life.

Inspiration struck in the form of a friend named Dillon, who recognized the natural talent hidden within his entertaining shenanigans. Dillon encouraged him to consider voice acting as a serious career path. Thus, he took his first steps into the professional world of voice acting. He began recording narrations for books, commercials, and instructions. Yet, his most proud achievement so far is the podcast "Foretold Fixion," a captivating exploration into lore and fables. Here, he brings his myriad of voices to life while Dillon handles production. Although he's faced challenges like any artist, the greatest has been overcoming initial nerves and doubts. However, once he embraced the recording studio as a second home, there was no stopping his creative flow.

In preparation for each voice acting role, hydration is key, along with music to set the mood and a series of vocal exercises to fine-tune pitches and tones. A particular night of improvisation after a studio session was the catalyst for the "Foretold Fixion" podcast, an experience filled with laughter and fun that proved to be a turning point in his career. He views the voice acting industry as a realm of endless possibilities, with ambitions of one day voicing a character in a video game.

When he's not animating characters with his voice, you'll find him spending quality time with his son, family, and friends. He loves fishing for catfish, watching UFC fights, enjoying cookouts, or hitting the hiking trails. An avid Harley rider, he relishes the sense of freedom that comes with the open road. Voice acting is more than a career for him; it's a passion, a hobby, and an inseparable part of his life. Stay tuned for the future adventures of this exceptional talent.

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"Hysterical and mythical - a winning combo! Foretold Fixion has me laughing out loud and learning something new with each episode. A true gem of a podcast!"
Betty Lacey
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"As a folklore fan with a funny bone, I couldn't be happier with this podcast. Jason's wit and enthusiasm for mythology have me hooked. Don't miss it!"
Adam Driver
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"If you're actually reading these reviews, please leave us one in our DM's at one of our social media pages. We would love some more!
Jason Fix
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"This podcast is a riot! Jason artfully combines humor and mythology, making it my go-to source for laughs and lore. Highly recommended!"
Jessica Knowl
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"Who knew mythical creatures could be so hilarious? From side-splitting urban legends to rib-tickling myths, Foretold Fixion is the ideal podcast for a lighthearted listen."
Scott Adams
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"Foretold Fixion is the perfect blend of mythical hilarity and engaging storytelling. I can't help but share these uproarious tales with everyone I know. Keep the laughs coming, Jason!"
Steven Blast